Johannes R. Fisslinger Schedule 2013/2014


18. Oktober

META-Health Practitioner Training Deutschland-Österreich-Schweiz
mit Johannes R. Fisslinger, Dr. Anton Bader, HP Walter Reiner

Johannes R. Fisslinger Integrative Health Coaching Lifestyle Prescriptions advanced mind body social analytics Integrative Medicine Conference Congress
Nov. 21-30 Be META-Healthy Online World Summit
Free Online Event with renowned Integrative Medicine and META-Health Experts
Dec. 7, 2013 META-Health Certification Online Training (in English)
META-Health Analysis & Therapy - For ALL health professionals
Dec. 7, 2013 Lifestyle Prescription™ Online Certification Training (in English)
Precise lifestyle modifictions used by doctors, nurses, naturopaths and licensed health professionals

Feb. 4, 2014

Be META-Healthy 3-Month Online Program
For Everyone with Health Issues and ready to be META-Healthy.

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